My "Story"

My narrative is summed up as simple as this -
“I used to be a parentified child. Now I’m me.” 

Internet etiquette dictates that I share my personal history in order to weave you a tale about how I’ve turned my life history into the results that you want. While that is true, therapy is the safe place where you spill all your guts and hope you’ve left it behind when you walk out of the office. That’s valid for certain times & situations. I’ve done that. I’m here to play a different game. So I’m not going to tell you my life story and hope that makes you believe I can help you. When you work with me you will find I’m a pretty open book - I share what I feel is relevant to you to guide you on your own journey. We’re all vivid tapestries - combinations of every moment of our lives & none of them at all. When I think of my story I just keep coming back to this quote... One of my favorites - 




Trauma isn't just some passion project I want to address as a privileged savior. Though my experiences won't have been exactly like yours, I have my own rich history of resilience. Growing up in a household with mental illness, PTSD, and living most of the time at the poverty level - I know a lot about overcoming.  The beautiful and adaptive ways I survived as a child - becoming the parent, and yes, even "the therapist" at a very young age have served me well. That is until they became the exact hook that kept me stuck. I was married and divorced, married again and TERRIFIED of recreating my parents' marriage and of doing the "same" damage to my child that was done to me... Meanwhile, because of my obsessive fear, I was unconsciously creating the exact circumstances that would bring that reality to pass. In order to do something different, I needed to be something different.  I needed a new and different way.

Any way in which we had to abandon ourselves is part of survival. But this coaching service isn’t about survival, it’s about thriving, it’s about creating your best damn life. So I’m not going to use my precious minutes reviving more of that old stuff to sell something to you. ------>

 I’m Joy. I’m a Transformational Coach. I help folx who have experienced trauma get unstuck so that they live a more fulfilled and authentic life. Are you ready?

As Ze Frank says “Let’s start this shit up.”

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